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Automotive Industry

The automotive cluster in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk-Gyeongnam region is the largest in Korea, producing approximately 1.9 million units per year (38% of national production of 4.9 million units). Four automakers Hyundai Motors, Renault Samsung, GM Korea, Daewoo Bus operate major manufacturing facilities which are strategically clustered around key suppliers such as POSCO (Steel) in Pohang, Samsung IT/Mobile) in Gumi, and literally hundreds of specialist machinery suppliers in and around Changwon. Through the signing of FTA’s Korea’s rising quality and environmentally sensible automotive industry has gained competitive market share in all major markets.

  • Major Automotive Companies in Daegu Gyeongbuk
    Major Automotive Companies in Daegu Gyeongbuk
      Major Automotive Manufacturers Production in and around DGFEZ Plant Location
    Finished Car Assembly Lines Hyundai Motors 1,400,000 vehicles Ulsan
    Renault Samsung Motors 300,000 vehicles Busan
    GM Daewoo 210,000 vehicles Changwon
    Daewoo Bus 6,000 vehicles Ulsan
    Part Suppliers(1st-tier companies) 116 companies - Daegu Gyeongbuk
    39 companies - Ulsan
    77 companies - Busan

    Source: Korea Auto Industries Coop. Association(KAICA)

    • For more information about Korea Automotive Industry, download the full report herePDF
  • Major Automotive Industry Suppliers in and around DGFEZ

    Thanks to their long history of auto production facilities operation (since 1968), the companies in the cluster are well equipped with port and transportation infrastructure, logistics systems and a skilled labor force. Related industries are also developed in the region, including the steel, petrochemical and machinery industry

  • Specialized support for Auto Parts R&D Projects

    The government is promoting convergence parts that use materials in Gyeongbuk; intelligent auto parts in Daegu; fuel cells and green electric vehicle parts in Ulsan; and untapped areas in the unit parts field, such as quality certification in Busan

    The Daegu Gyeongbuk area is slated to implement a project to develop core technologies of self-driving cars to boost its competitiveness in the self-driving vehicle sector.
    The project will help parts manufacturers develop eight key self-driving parts and two key self-driving services through the 5-year investment worth KRW 145.5 billion (USD 121.25 million) starting 2017

  • Proving Ground for Intelligent Vehicle & Transportation System
    • Location : Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
    • Project term / funding : 2007 ~ 2014 / 97.5 billion won
    • Size : 384,965 ㎡ plot; 178,389 ㎡ test track
    • Operated by : Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute
    • Key facilities
      • 11 types of test track, including ITS high speed circuit, general purpose track, and circular track
      • 25 types of testing equipment, including basic vehicle test equipment and intelligent parts testing equipment