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Welcome to dg-fez's sebsite!

Insun Lee

Thanks for visiting DGFEZ website.
DGFEZ is at the center of Korean manufacturing and knowledge based economy.

Because of DGFEZ’s close access to Korea’s major companies, highly educated workforce and world class infrastructure we are able to foster cutting-edge fusion industries such as automotive, high-end machinery parts and healthcare. At the same time, DGFEZ helps you gain access to Korea’s market of 50 million affluent and discerning consumers through well developed global business districts.

We also boast fantastic living conditions that compliment the industrial complexes, appealing to global companies.

DGFEZ is committed to providing you with the optimal business location based on access to markets, excellent human resources, well serviced industrial complexes and continuous R&D support.

I look forward to you joining us as a DGFEZ partner!

Thank you.