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[Jan./ Food] VIPS buffet in Daegu

2013-01-22 00:00:00






One of my favorite memories as a kid was going to a place in Casper, Wyoming, called the Kings Table Buffet. It was a nationwide buffet chain in the US that was open for lunch and dinner. I loved the idea of paying a flat price for food and then just *gorging* myself on repetitive plates of anything I wanted. Provided my parents weren’t too nosy regarding my food options, I didn’t see why 6 slices of pizza, chocolate milk, and cornbread (yeah, I used to inhale the stuff) was any problem for a growing boy.

Well, those memories were delightfully re-kindled recently, when my girlfriend and I visited VIPS here in Daegu. VIPS (pronounced “veeps”) is primarily a steakhouse but has such a large buffet at a decent price that I think a good percentage of the customers go there.

buffet 1salmon

VIPS offers Asian noodles, seafood, pizza (oh yeah!), salmon, fresh fruit, ribs, no chocolate milk (bummer!), a variety of salads and breads, and dessert too. Ordering the buffet is super easy. Once seated, just toss that menu back at your waitstaff, let him/her know you’re all about the buffet and then just help yourself. Make sure, though, you ask for the “salad bar”. It’s a bit of Konglish, but it means the buffet.

VIPS can get a bit busy, though. My girlfriend and I went for Christmas dinner, and had to take a number and wait about an hour and a half before being seated. No problem, we were in the SuSeong-Gu location, so just found a nearby cafe and hung out there until the time was right. Usually, it’s not necessary, but VIPS is very popular among families and couples, so you might want to get there a bit early or call ahead (not on holidays) to make a reservation.

cjone card

A buffet dinner for two will run about 53,000 won. VIPS accepts the CJ One discount card, which will knock off 10% of the price. They are also linked with a variety of tie-ins with other market conglomerates, so be sure to see what other cards/coupons they accept for payment.

Salad Bar

Daegu has two VIPS locations. One situated at the SuSeong-Gu bridge (between 경대병원 station and 대구은행 station on the green subway line) and another downtown, next to the Kyobo building, near the CGV movie theater.