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Maya Indian and Nepali Restaurant

2013-03-19 00:00:00






Kyungbook University’s North Gate is one of Daegu’s most diverse culinary areas.  If you love good samosas and curries with naan and real basmati rice you would be just down right wrong to stumble into any other Indian restaurant than Maya.

Now I’m not a food critic, I just play one for the Daegu compass, but having traveled the world eating Indian food I thoroughly enjoy a spicy, steamy curry. Maya has exactly what I’m looking for.  From the minute you walk in this place screams authentic Nepalese style.  The ambience is decked in sashes and tabla.  With places to sit in chairs or numb yourself crossed-legged you will know you hit curry pay dirt.  Other restaurants touting chicken tikka masalas will fall short.

The staff is, at worst, amazingly pleasant speaking English, Korean, Hindi and Urdu the owner Prakash (call him PK) is a great host.  Also working as a legal aid interpreter he has owned this restaurant for four years.  PK and his wife Hannah will give you a proper Nepalese style feast.

There are no mandatory appetizer salads or awkward pickles at this place (you can ask for the pickles- we’re still in Korea!).  You’re getting the real deal.  The samosas, that you should be sure to drown in the rich and tangy mint sauce, or pappad are a great way to get started.  With a fine selection of vegetarian and meat curries to choose from you can willingly throw yourself on a landmine of fresh flavor.  Drop your kimchi and dive into their tandoori chicken or the tandoori paneer, a beautiful shish kebab of cheese, onions and peppers.


For the mains you are in for a real treat.  Pound out those pins and needles in your legs and dip your spoon into the rich, saucy lamb korma or channa masala.  Slap some bright green palak panner (a spinach and cheese dish) or a bright red chicken tikka masala.  You’ll feel like the portly Thud Butt, one of the lost boys in the brilliant movie Hook, stabbing your bare hand into a sweet pile of mushy sauce and rice mixture.  Scoop your curries with a real wood fire, tandoori oven baked variety of naan breads.

Maya is a playground of deliciousness.  This humble writer’s personal favorite in Daegu for the cure to an empty stomach.  You can finish it off with a sweet lassi or even the rare gulab jamun.

Whether you are a newcomer to Indian cuisine or a seasoned native you will appreciate the laid back style and easy on the wallet prices of this gem.  But as LaVar Burton from the infamous children’s show Reading Railroad would say, “You don’t need to take my word for it”.

Maya is located at Kyungbook National University’s North Gate just off the main road on the second floor behind The Face Shop.

copyright @ Daegu Compass