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Vol.9 - Newsletter DGFEZ set up a booth at 44th Korea-Taiwan Economic Coopera...

2019-07-22 17:23:15







DGFEZ took part in "44th Korea-Taiwan Economic Cooperation Committee" that was held at Westin Chosun in Busan from 28th to 29th of May, 2019, to promote free economic zones.
"44th Korea-Taiwan Economic Cooperation Committee" incepted in 1968 for the entrepreneurs in both Korea and Taiwan and it has the longest history amongst economic committees operated by the Federation of Korean Industries.
One-hundreds of politics and entrepreneurs showed themselves to celebrate its gathering including Keun-Tae Park, the president of Korea-Taiwan Economic Cooperation Committee, Keo-Don Oh, the mayor of Busan, In-Seon Lee, the commissioner of DGFEZ from Korea and Chuang Suo-Hang, Taiwan External Trade Development, Thou Yu-Han, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, Wu Ming-Ji, New Taipei City government from Taiwan.
DGFEZ energetically promoted its investment project to the participants by setting up the booth.
In-Seon Lee, the commissioner of DGFEZ, said "We are very confident that relationship between Korea and Taiwan got really closer through the event and DGFEZ will have to take more considerations in coming up with better tailor-made assistance for companies from Taiwan"