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Vol.11 - Newsletter “My Neighbor’s Company Story” at Gyeongsan District

2020-01-28 17:09:24







Ahead of the completion of the Gyeongsan District Stage 1 construction, 'DGFEZ' launched the ‘Innovation Ecosystem Council’ on the 13th of November (Wednesday) and held a ‘My Neighbor’s Company Story Day’ event.
The 「Gyeongsan District Innovation Ecosystem Council」(hereinafter called ‘Innovation Council’) was launched at 14:30 in KITECH with the participation of 14 agencies, where through the establishment of an industry-university-research cooperation system it discussed measures and a development plan for corporate attraction, corporate support, and mutual cooperation between institutions. The Innovation Council is composed of DGFEZ, Gyeongbuk-do, Gyeongsan-si, research institutes, nearby universities, chambers of commerce, and resident enterprise councils.
‘My Neighbor’s Company Story’ was carried out with corporate visits, company network, and recommendations from resident companies. Members of the Innovation Council visited Yes textile company, a producer of textile products, and toured the factory. Yes textile focuses on outdoor and textile products, with sales that have steadily risen since its founding in 2001 and expanding exports that move mainly to China, Europe, and the Americas.
Afterwards, the company arranged a corporate networking session with about 50 representatives where it took time to listen to corporate suggestions and look for solutions together.
Commissioner Lee Inseon said that "There are great number of things that I heard today from the real experiences of the companies who participated," and that "we will do our utmost to find a solution to them, no matter what."